HIGHWAYVES releases yet another picture-perfect rock track with their song “PLASTIC.” Indie and Alternative rock music tends to be a bit oversaturated right now. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of sparkling, vibey guitars and angsty voices–but with that in mind–it’s genuinely refreshing to hear something unique. “PLASTIC” is infused with that effervescent, fleeting energy that only great music has. It’s hard to pardon it. It’s something in the interplay between the chords and the timbre of the voice. Or maybe, between the melody and the instrumentation. Either way, you know it when you hear it. The act of conjuring emotions with scales and chord progressions is truly what takes a musician from good to absolutely brilliant.

The intro begins with a chill-inducing swell of strings and a kick drum. Percussion and guitar sweep it up rather quickly, casually rocking through a one-to-four progression. The verse soon comes in with short, poignant phrases followed by vibrantly rhythmic ones. The vocal program teems with reverb and layering. It has this wonderfully anticipatory atmosphere.

What you’re meant to anticipate arrives with this hungry, moody vigor. “Ahhh / Ahhh / Yeah you’re a plastic now,” the singer erupts in a belted rasp. The instrumentation booms in conjunction with the vocal rhythm. It’s truly the most euphoric melody you’ll ever hear–and it’s not even that complicated. The chords take on a bittersweet, non-diatonic movement. It’s the kind of song you daydream or run outside in the pouring rain to. HIGHWAYVES has truly outdone himself this time.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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