“Tonight” by Candid

Candid has released their single “Tonight” and it’s everything we need. With well over 300k Spotify streams, this band is only going up from here. This track is perfect for listeners who crave the alternative sound and need something new and fresh.

Candid is much more than just one sound, as they are able to tackle indie, rock, and edgy tones. This band really shows their talents with “Tonight” and with every project release, they exceed their last.

This band is proof that alternative rock will live on, and they contain a fun kicked-up tempo that is easy to listen to and even easier to love. Even the visuals for the “Tonight” music video make the song more vamped up and such a great time that watchers feel like they are present. The clips include weird animal masks, fights, off-the-wall dialogue, and strange special effects that are all a blast to see.

Here’s to believing/ this life I’m leading/ could take away the strain/ desensitize the pain of it all-” “Tonight” is open and honest about what they hope will come of the night, and they are confident in their lyrics. Candid has been able to emphasize their music and match their heavy bass and guitars with their voices perfectly in time with the rhythm of the beats.

If you are in the Manchester area this weekend, you should get tickets to see Candid at The Lodge at the Deaf Institute on March 18th! Make sure you follow them for more chances to see them live and see what they are up to next!

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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