“Lover’s High” by giu

“Lover’s High” by giu is an emotional indie pop soundscape. Brimming with both live and electronic instrumentation, it challenges genre while maintaining a cool, trendy atmosphere. Plus, the lyrics carry a visceral bittersweetness. It’ll make your hairs stand on end (in the best way possible). Treat yourself to this cathartic, vibrantly creative masterpiece on a night-time drive, or maybe a morning walk. It’ll leave you with a new perspective and a drive to self-reflect.

A high-pitched synth swell ushers in the vocals: “We both drink just a little too much / Take another shot just to feel a rush.” Giu’s voice is casual and conversational, the perfect tone to take on when you want to come across as relatable (it really works in this scenario). A bass riff interjects between vocal phrases, giving the message a moment to breathe and allowing the listener to digest the words. For a good while the instrumentation remains subtle, which makes the eventual rush of sound all the more exhilarating. Drums, guitars, and bass flood the mix as the chorus takes hold. Giu’s voice even gets louder as they belt, “My lips touch yours / Falling through the floor.” The perfect climax erupts from the previous softness, solidifying the arc of “Lover’s High” as truly momentous.

If you can see yourself connecting with a song like this, be sure to give giu a follow! This song is really just a glimpse at what they’re capable of. You might’ve just stumbled upon a new source of consistently good music.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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