“Speed Limit” by Carson Ferris

Carson Ferris is here to stake his claim with “Speed Limit” and it’s a fast pace high energy track with eye-opening instrumentals that you won’t want to miss. This multi-talented artist is breezing onto playlists and his songs are getting played on repeat, and one reason is because Carson has proven he has a lot to say and so much more up his sleeve.

Speed Limit” begins with an addictive electric sound at the start and the lyrics are easy to relate to. As the song goes on it hits home in more places than we realize while listening.

There is a lot of honesty in the lyrics, as Carson tells us listeners that things get rough and sometimes it’s hard to know if things will get better, which is something we all feel. “Speed Limit” helps us listeners understand that we can all feel overwhelmed by things, as life will continue to push things on us, especially when we feel it’s too much.

Ferris gets even more real as the track goes on, singing: “I just wish that things would be alright/ that things didn’t always have to be a fight/ ‘cause I’m losing my mind.” While listening more deeply to “Speed Limit” this song reminds us how important mental health is, and how it can open others up to be more aware that at some point we have all felt this way.

Make sure you check out Carson Ferris and follow his socials because with a sound like this, he will definitely continue to go far!

Our personal is favorite line: “running out of time/ but the world keeps turning”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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