“Fever Dream” by SEGANA

“Fever Dreams” by SEGANA is the most unbridled, gloriously eighties track you’ll ever hear. Brimming with upbeat production and infectious melodies, its energy could rival

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“Wheel” by Wotts

“Wheel” by Wotts sounds euphoric. The chord progression and instrumental textures just ooze saccharine, cheerful goodness. However, one listen to the lyrical content, and you’ll

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“Sober” by Alex Kate

Alex Kate is back with her new single “Sober” and it’s got an eye-opening sound that you must hear. This mixture of 80’s futuristic instrumentals,

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“Tonight” by Candid

Candid has released their single “Tonight” and it’s everything we need. With well over 300k Spotify streams, this band is only going up from here.

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