“Crying in the Drive-Thru” by Paige Keiner

Upon the first few seconds (approximately five), us listeners can already tell that Paige Keiner is a game changer with her new single “Crying in the Drive-Thru”. Not only does this song begin with self-destruction, (which is something most of us suffer from)but it’s highly relatable.

Crying in the Drive-Thru”, is catchy and truthful and if we’ve ever been sad about a significant other, this song is a great explanation of our feelings. In just 2:52 Paige throws effortless lines at us that make so much sense, we have to process our emotions by listening again and again.

Crying in the Drive-Thru” is all about a break-up and wanting to get over someone. At the start of the song, Paige tells us listeners just how great things were in the beginning, reminding us of the “honeymoon phase” of relationships.

As this is common in relationships, things didn’t work out and Paige sings about expressing her feelings to the cashiers and workers in the drive-thru who just so happen to be there at the height of the break-up.

The video for “Crying in the Drive-Thru” is clever, modern, and fun, with green screen effects and y2k visuals, it fits the track perfectly. Paige also plays several characters in the video and it’s a ton of fun to watch. 

“Happy and well-adjusted/ all done with self-destruction/ I was in a good place when you came around/ thought you were really something/ call it a lapse in judgment/ all good until it wasn’t-” Make sure you follow Paige on all of her socials to see what comes next and watch her awesome music video!

Our personal is favorite line: “crying in my diet coke”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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