“Heartbreak?” by Faith Louise

Faith Louise is back with a fresh take on “Heartbreak?” and it’s probably the most upbeat breakup song you’ll ever hear, (and we love it!) Louise opens up about her feelings and love on this new track and it’s clever and unpredictable.

Heartbreak?” contains a fast beat, great vocals from Louise, and fun dance tempos. There has yet to be a track like this, which seems to experiment with a mixture of synth-pop, electric pop, and broken hearts.

Faith Louise presents us with a soft sound in the beginning and gets stronger vocals and heavier beats and drums as the track continues. “Heartbreak?” is addictive and chilling at some points because of what Faith is able to accomplish.

Louise may be new to some listeners but she’s been around with past singles such as (Breakthrough 2020), (Blaaa 2020), and (What I Need 2021), and every time she releases something new she is able to show her talents even more.

Heartbreak?” tackles a new tone and texture that rises quickly to the breaking point of the song around 1:40. Although this song is about breakups and heartaches, it’s hard not to dance to. It makes listeners want to begin doing 80’s disco moves (in the best way).

It was a simple start/ you made it easy/somewhat safe for me to be me/ it was a fresh start/ a new beginning/ why did it choose me?” Here we realize that Faith is questioning why things happened the way they did, and why she was chosen. Make sure you check out Faith’s future projects!

Our personal is favorite line: “until that day I’ll be afraid of love”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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