“Super Highway” by Birds Are Better

Imagine a crossover between Fleet Foxes, Simon and Garfunkel, and A-ha. That might put you in the ballpark of what “Super Highway” by Birds Are Better sounds like. Characterized by transcendent harmonies, folksy melodies, and a drum-machine-inspired beat, it truly runs the gamut of influences while maintaining a unique energy. If you love indie folk, this one is for you.

It begins with a giant wash of harmony: “And the wind will carry me home / And the love, I’m hoping for some.” Reverb and echo practically drip from the vocals. This sweet, meek acoustic guitar/keyboard duo bubbles up, rolling through gentle arpeggios. The verse begins with a classic melody, contained in imagery-heavy lyrics. This is where it really feels like a sixties or seventies song. The arc of the melody curves and fits into the chords in such a wonderfully vintage way.

When we finally return to the section with the luscious background vocals, the track plunges into a driving electronic drum groove. We go from a crisp emphasis on each beat to quickfire sixteenths, inviting a little eighties influence into the mix. Bass and synths bolster the electric, high-energy dynamic build. The lyrics take on an other-worldly atmosphere, only to fade with a speedy, twinkly flourish of synths.

Give Birds Are Better a listen! “Super Highway” is truly a masterclass in how to reference music from the past in an original way. Plus, it has its own, fresh identity distinguished by an organic vocal timbre and a distinct songwriting character.

Written by Alyce Lindberg



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