“It Starts Today” by Patrick Kearns

Need a new country break-up anthem? Patrick Kearns has got you covered. “It Starts Today” sings the praises of putting oneself first and never allowing someone to drag you down with them. With all of the trappings of a good southern rock track and a raspy, powerful vocal performance to boot, this song will have you both moving along and doing a little self-reflection.

It begins with a dreamy, earnest guitar riff. Electric guitar takes center stage as an acoustic strums through the background. “I’ve been trying / You’ve been chilling / You’re the hero / I’m the villain,” Patrick sings in a deep register. Despite the instrumentation remaining pretty calm and collected so far, the chords imply intensity and passion. You already know you’re going to get an explosion later on. Two verses sandwich an acrobatic guitar break and some background vocals, then Patrick rockets into a higher, belted register. The chorus erupts from there: “I’m breaking and I’m taking all the time I have left / So I can try to make a better life to live for myself.” With all the power and indignation he can muster, Patrick Kearns delivers a relatable, heart-wrenching, yet empowering hook. Heavy, distorted guitars and drums bolster the message, then eventually melt back into a quietly electric verse.

Be sure to give Patrick Kearns a listen–especially if you’re a country music fan. You’ll be delighted with the strength of his vocals and the emotional gravity of his words. Plus, you might just get a little catharsis out of it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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