“Savannah” by Soheill

“Savannah” by Soheill is just as dreamy as it is touching. Its ethereal production style bolsters a poetic set of lyrics and a crisp vocal performance. It’s the kind of song that easily transports you to another time and place. Great music always has that distinct power, whether it be spurred on by the lyrical content or the emotionality of the music. In this case, Soheill gives us both.

An electric guitar picks out a few, overtone-laden notes. The sonic space is filled with these ringing, echoed reverberations. “She pedals swiftly / Thinking about her lows / At the cross of MLK and Jones,” Soheill croons, his voice wonderfully idiosyncratic. The spacey atmosphere prevails, sparse for the sake of making room for each phrase. You’re laser-focused on his words here, cleverly chosen to provide the perfect cross between abstract concepts and imagery. As the sectionality shifts, the melody trends upwards, a tiny climax for us to enjoy in the midst of a very chill, calm atmosphere.

In comes a thumping kick drum, followed by toms, cymbals, and buzzing synths. For the latter half of this song, we get to experience the most gratifying, almost harrowing slow burn. The urgency of Soheill’s lyrics intensifies with each beat. The mix fills with harmony. The last textures fizzle out with one last hit, holding for seconds before dissolving into complete silence.

If you’re into songs with really bittersweet, layered moods, you’ll love “Savannah.” Soheill knocked this one out of the park in every way possible.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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