“I Like It On You” by Luch Stefano

“I Like It On You” by Luch Stefano is one of the most beautiful vessels for the acoustic guitar you’ll ever hear. So much of the instrumentation rides on the warm, recognizably versatile sound of a steel string. Not to mention, Luch Stefano’s vocals are just as (if not more) deliciously bright and inviting. You’ll be smitten with the way he delivers this loving, clever message.

The intro consists of a rhythmically ambiguous guitar performance. The notes slide, hammer on, and ring out over a deep, droning note. There’s an inherent emotionality to it, allowing it to stand alone without lyrics or other instrumentation. Strums soon overtake the melodies, traversing through these gorgeous suspended chords. Then, the tempo ramps up and the verse comes in: “Dangerous times / For different people / The way she smiles through her hair is better when she’s pulling that face.” With its suddenly upbeat atmosphere, the track juxtaposes itself with delectable satisfaction. The sound of Luch’s voice rivals that of acoustic-pop dynamo Ed Sheeran. He has immense control and emotes quite tenderly. Plus, as he utters the hook, “But I suppose I like it one you,” he creates some poignant irony. His message is, when you really love someone, they can make you enjoy the things you don’t usually enjoy.

Stay tuned for a return to the slow, smooth acoustic guitar stylings at the end. If you’re not in love with Luch Stefano by now, you’re doing something wrong. “I Like It On You” is truly a songwriting masterpiece.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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