“inFear” by Ariahindream

“inFear” by Ariahindream is a minor, ominous synth-pop track, unlike anything you’ve heard before. With these crisp, almost classical vocals and a collection of modal chords, this song verges on avant-garde but remains accessible through its dreamy production style. That being said, it’s pretty transcendent. Ariahindream creates more than a piece of music–she creates an atmosphere for the listener to disappear into.

The intro sports a harrowing synth riff, emphasized by electronic drum hits. “My fear / Part of me / Falling / To my feet,” Ariahindream whispers, dragging out a legato melody. Her phrases aren’t particularly wordy, meaning that each word she does use holds a lot of meaning. It’s always a treat to digest the message of a song that utilizes sparse lyricism. Only the best songwriters can combine so few words to such a great effect. Backing vocals start to take over the meat of the instrumentation, carrying the chord structure forward with this intimate yet chilling humanity. Percussion also piles in, providing small clicks and booms throughout to keep the rhythm flowing. It doesn’t need much though, because there’s a slow, amorphous feel to the tempo that too much percussive groove might inhibit. All of this combined makes this song moody, morose, and ultimately quite ethereal. You’ll find it a rather experimentally artistic listening experience.

Be sure to give Ariahindream a stream and a follow–especially if you’re interested in alternative pop. “inFear” is undoubtedly a work of art. Plus, you might just get a new favorite musician out of it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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