“On Starry Nights” by Anton Commissaris

One of my favorites is back! If you’ve been following some of my reviews, you’ve seen this name pop up a few times. Anton Commissaris is a jazz artist and it feels like you are going into a classy event every time you hear his voice. “On Starry Nights” is no different.

Musically, it’s insanely strong! One of Anton’s advantages as an artist is how he uses jazz to express his musicality. I’ll talk more about this when we discuss voice and lyrics, but I’ve always loved how he has a signature jazzy piano in the background. He also utilizes a saxophone, which is one of my favorite instruments in general.

Something else that I love musically about this track is how subdued the piano is around the bridge of the song. It gives the song this quiet confidence, a feeling that is difficult to convey through music without using lyrics. It just makes things more dynamic! Speaking of lyrics…

Lyrically, this is great! A lot of Anton’s music hits on that old school love. That love where you dream about, and “On Starry Nights” is no different. I love this one lyrically because it feels like you’re hearing a man still head-over-heels in love with his partner and still wanting to explore the world with said partner.

As I said earlier, Anton Commissaris uses jazz to express himself. You can hear it in his voice! I think that it’s definitely difficult to balance the instrumentation of jazz with vocals, at least in today’s day and age, but Anton does it expertly. His voice melds so seamlessly with the instruments that it feels like the sax sings for him in the instrumental section! He’s flawless.

“On Starry Nights” by Anton Commissaris is one of those songs that makes you want to get dressed up with your sweetheart and stargaze. There’s this beautiful innocence of love that Anton Commissaris captures with his music, but “On Starry Nights” encapsulates that feeling of innocent love to a T. Check it out!

Written by Marcus Norris





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