“She’s Like a Dream” by Tom B

“She’s Like a Dream” by Tom B absolutely perfects the art of melody writing. Often, the plight of a songwriter lies in crafting melodies that are unique but simultaneously accessible or catchy. This song just nails that dichotomy. Plus, the highly textural, experimental production gives it such a distinctive identity. You’ll find yourself swimming in motifs, sounds, and effects as you take on this indie pop masterpiece.

The intro consists of a few miscellaneous voices, a thumping kick drum, and a fuzzy, synth chord progression. The cuts from sound to sound are sharp and ultimately fascinating. “All the right words come to me when I think about her,” the clear, incredibly controlled vocalist rolls down this diverse melody. A pitched-down double occasionally appears to emphasize certain phrases. Several percussive elements come together to form a heavy groove, which is the main instrumental focus behind the vocals. As the singer chimes the hook, this groove intensifies with washes of synth and a few rhythmic hits. All of this goes down so smoothly, it’s hard to even comment on it. Every aspect of it, from the vocal delivery to the smallest chord choice, took some natural musicality to execute. You can really shut your eyes, relax, and melt into this track.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, give it a listen! There’s no better time than the present to discover a new favorite artist. Tom B is the lofi producer of your dreams, and “She’s Like a Dream” is an excellent display of his talents.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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