“Before Noon” by Pete Asshill

The thought-provoking progressive rock song “Before Noon” by Pete Asshill is out everywhere now. Pete Asshill is actually a band that consists of four members. The group is named after one of the members, Pete Asshill, who is based in Finland. However, the other band members are from other parts of different countries. An interesting take in the digital age is that the band does not have a social media presence. They shared that their reasoning was that the music should be able to tell the story by itself.

“Before Noon” is the third single of Pete Asshill and talks about the topic of freedom and how dictatorships are still strong in many countries. The band takes a lot of inspiration for this song from John Lennon, and that is who also inspired band member Pete Asshill to get into music in the first place.

Through the ominous production of dark guitars, tambourines, and more, the singer, Circ, establishes himself as a narrator in what feels like a post-apocalyptic world. The strong storytelling in the lyrics pulls the listener deeper and deeper into the song. Circ’s authority comes through in rich, lower vocals and the emotion that just exudes straight through the speakers.

When asked about which part of the song the group likes the most, they shared that it was the bridge. Some of those lyrics include “Industrialization, Digitalization too / There will be a leading robot / Ruling you / like a bot.”

So, if you’re searching for honest songwriting and a killer rock band, look no further than Pete Asshill and their single “Before Noon!”

Reviewed by Katie Power



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