“Super Time” by Fast Trackers

Get ready to dance under the colored lights because Fast Trackers has put out their debut hyper pop track “Super Time.” The duo consists of rock pop production veteran David Roberts and EDM Master/DJ Terry Sartor. The two have separately been on the music scene for many years now but wanted to come together to create something new and real for the both of them – and that is exactly what they did.

“Super Time” is a larger-than-life track that captures the essence of a good time. While being hyper pop the duo pulls in Roberts’s knowledge of rock pop and Sartor’s expertise in EDM. The two blend many genres to create their own unique take on hyper pop. The song’s melody and lyrics are memorable and bound to be stuck in your head after one listen. The production of the song has an overall epic feeling, with the building of synths and soaring electric guitars.

Fast Trackers were joined by the voices of NBC’s The Voice Season 6 contestant Ryan Whyte Maloney and Nikki Simmons – who has gained traction singing on the live streaming platform Twitch. EDM DJ duo Maze X Mxtreme added electronica to the track for an extra level of flavor. Fast Trackers came out of the gate with an electric vibe and a fun song, so it is exciting to see what else this duo will bring to the world of hyper pop.

So, if you’re looking for artists ahead of the curve on music, look no further than the Fast Trackers!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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