“Sunflower (Acoustic Version)” by Melyssa Lee

A song that perfectly captures an anticipatory nostalgia, Melyssa Lee released her single “Sunflower (Acoustic Version.)” The track is the first song from Lee’s acoustic EP, Simply, which will be released later this year. The Calgary based musician writes about the many aspects of her life, whether it is growing up in Canada as a woman of mixed Asian descent or being a mother of four children. Whatever it is, she is able to pull the listener in with arpeggios on the guitar and her melancholy melodies.

“Sunflower (Acoustic Version)” pulls on the heartstrings of motherhood. Lee sings about her close friend and the loss of her son.

“I wanted to also help keep Anderson’s memory alive, so I dedicate this song to my friend Angela and to her son Anderson. It is a way for us to remember him and to honour a mother’s grief. This song helps remind us to take in the moment… because who knows when it will be the last.”

– Melyssa Lee on the inspiration for “Sunflower (Acoustic Version)”

The song is so vulnerable and raw. Lee is able to play on using simpler language in the songwriting as if she is talking to a small child. It holds a universal feeling when we realize things don’t last forever, so we end up missing someone right in front of us. She handles the topic with such care, and it is a beautiful dedication to a baby boy and his mother. Her voice is smooth and graceful, she exudes thoughtfulness and compassion, both lyrically and melodically. Songs like these are certainly not easy to listen to. For a similar listen, “Ronan (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift also shares a similar topic. Both women are able to be so sensitive and real with their songs and share a story as if it was their own in the most respectful way.

So, grab a box of tissues and listen to “Sunflower (Acoustic Version)” by Melyssa Lee!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Featured Photo by: Tanya Plonka





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