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“Promises” by Coral Palms

Summer is abutting, meaning the playlists for late-night pool parties, beach get-togethers, and road trips are underway. UK-based indie-rock band Coral Palms have released a tune that will get summer lovers hyped for the season—behold “Promises,” an over three-minute track with palm trees and sunshine sounds.

Coral Palms, a four-piece band, comprises Ollie, Will, Adriano, and Callum. The four bonded together over their admiration for indie music and birthed their first few records: “Echoes,” “Open Roads,” “Drink Too Much,” and “Something In The Air” in 2021. “Wildest Fears” is the band’s sole song published in 2022.

Breaking into the new year with “Promises,” Coral Palms gifted a summer tune filled with breezy guitars, an islandy rhythm, and eargasmic harmonies.

Mid-song, a tasty and groovy guitar breakdown emerges, adding a soulful touch to “Promises.” The bright tone, chill vibe, grooviness of the drums and lead guitar, and harmonies make “Promises” an incredible track that many will like. It’s the epitome of what summer sounds like. The pubescence is one of the most alluring aspects of the track, and there’s no doubt that listeners will enjoy it.

Coral Palms is a promising band, not just for “Promises.” “Something In The Air” and “Echoes” (along with “Promises”) are songs highly recommended to give listen to. Their songs have accumulated thousands of streams and many followers. It’s evident they’ve worked hard to get where they are, and there’s no doubt they’ll go even further.

Go check out “Promises” and follow Coral Palms on all their social media accounts.

Written by Taylor Berry

Coral Palms

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