“Doing It Without You” by Olya Sonica

If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you’re in luck. “Doing It Without You” by Olya Sonica has all the angst and bass-driven motifs of their album “AM,” but with the added delight of an anthemic, almost emo-rock chorus. It creates such a deep, infectious groove, you won’t be able to sit still. Plus, the vocals are incredibly bright and idiosyncratic, injecting the song with an undeniably unique sound.

A crunchy guitar riff cascades down the minor scale, soon joined by the lead vocals: “Hi, / It’s been a long time.” We’re invited into this conversational lyric, performed with just the right amount of dramatic flair. The interplay between the vocal melody and the guitar/bass melody creates such an engaging verse. When a song utilizes competing motifs with competing textures, it always makes it more attention-grabbing.

By the time the chorus rolls around, we’ve fully transitioned to distorted power chords instead of melodious riffs. The mix gets full and simple and drags our attention to the lead vocal. The singer rockets into a high belt, showcasing her power and veritable vocal chops. The chords climb through an uplifting, modal progression, eventually culminating in either a return to the verse, a guitar solo, or ultimately, the arrival of the end.

If you want a vibrant, gritty indie rock experience, check out “Doing It Without You!” It’ll surely get you fired up, or at least imbue you with some catharsis. Olya Sonica is an incredible artist and performer, so be sure to give her some love on your choice of social media or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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