“Around My Head” by Poison Oak

“Around My Head” by Poison Oak integrates the art of chord, texture, and timbre choice so elegantly. All the while, you’re listening to a heavy, angsty alternative rock song. With soft, dreamy background vocals, nearly screamed lead melodies, and tasteful guitar work, it resembles a 90s sound, but also brings its own atmosphere to the table. In the realm of current rock, Poison Oak really brings the creativity, individuality, and passion.

Driving power chords, delicate background vocals, and a bright riff usher us into the track. The intro melts into the verse with the rumble of a toms-based drum groove as the singer holds down a simple, quiet melody. Everything about this section implies a later dynamic explosion. You can just feel the build coming. Poison Oak does a great job of subtly infusing tension. With a few meticulously placed crash hits and a crunchy electric guitar bend, the tension suddenly dissipates. “Here you come again / Running around my / running around my…” the singer wails. We plunge into a gravely, gritty, chorus, characterized by heavy instrumentation and emotive vocals. Doubtlessly, the climax we so desperately craved arrived.

The rest of the song boasts a few more clever and effective techniques, like a broken-down chorus and a nice full-circle ending, complete with another crunchy bend. If you’re someone who loves rock music, you’ll have already downloaded it. “Around My Head” is the perfect example of Poison Oak’s brilliant musical abilities. Plus, you might just get a new favorite band out of it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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