“Not Up To Much” by Spearside

“Not Up To Much” by Spearside is a modern repackaging of a retro sound. Brimming with some 80s and 90s rock elements, it feels delightfully familiar. However, the guitar tones, synth riffs, and idiosyncratic vocals make sure that it also feels quite unique. On top of that, the melodies and chord choices are just indulgently catchy. If you love a good punk or pop-rock song, you’ll be infatuated with Spearside.

It begins with two diversely textured guitars: one chugging through distorted power chords, and the other drifting through a reverb-drenched arpeggio. Drums casually hold a beat in the background. “Straying from the pavement / I’m alone in my head,” the verse begins. The singer has this bright, nasal tone, cutting through the deepness of the instrumentation and providing a nice, contrasting texture. Not to mention, he’s absolutely slathered with doubles and modulation. It’s a subtle yet distinctive vocal sound–in both performance and production.

The songwriting and arrangement really take us on a wild ride from harmony-laden pre-choruses to broken-down hooks–then from psychedelic guitar solos to a synth-heavy ending. By now, you’ve pretty much taken a masterclass in rock history. You can pinpoint the influences for so many of the minute choices Spearside made. It’s gloriously referential, and ultimately, an amalgamation of brilliance. If any of this sounds appealing, you definitely ought to check them out! “Not Up To Much” is a perfect display of their talent. You’ll be glad you have a cool, new, alternative rock band to obsess over.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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