“Beauty in the Fight” by Koburg

The jack-of-all-trades musician Koburg is back with her highly anticipated single “Beauty in The Fight.” She is a multi-instrumentalist and model, when she is not working on her artist projects, she plays session guitar for musicians all over the world. Koburg is in the process of recording her third symphonic metal album. The UK-based singer has received recognition from BBC’s introducing and Planet Rock.

With “Beauty in The Fight,” Koburg released both a full production version and a stripped version. There are great elements in both. The full production allows the listener to hear the intensity and power that Koburg naturally exudes. Her talent is undeniable and everything she puts out is captivating.

The electric guitars roar alongside Koburg’s intentionally raspy singing. The drums drive the single to another level. “Some secrets lie in wake, beneath” repeats in a way that is addicting. The guitar solo is killer and impressive, the inclusion of this was a must! It is obvious Koburg has a vision for her music because she incorporates just enough elements to show off her talent and her control..

The Stripped Version very much highlights the lyrics. The piano paints more of an unsettling, haunted theme versus the intensity of the guitar and drums. The softness of Koburg’s voice shows the dimension she has as a singer. She has such a clear and smooth tone, and this demonstrates that beautifully. Having this rawer version of the song lets the listener see even without a flashy production she is a strong musician and lyricist. She is constantly setting a new bar and blowing it out of the water.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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