“Beautiful Chaos” by Molly Baker

Transitioning from middle school to high school can be a stressful situation, for it is a new environment filled with new classmates and new challenges. Nonetheless, the high school experience also allows teens to create memories that will last a lifetime. Singer-songwriter Molly Baker addresses this subject matter in the single “Beautiful Chaos.” 

“Beautiful Chaos” begins with a gentle guitar riff and a soft, quiet drumbeat, which quickly becomes louder and heavier in sound. The tempo of the song is upbeat and infectious, but at the end of the bridge the guitar briefly drops out and Molly builds up excitement with a countdown. The chorus of the song is a mix of frustration and joy as Baker highlights the lows and highs of being a high school student. “Overworked and overwhelmed / Yeah we need a day off / But even when we feel dead inside / We’re still having the time of our lives.” Molly’s vocals are soft yet filled with so much emotion as she conveys the pressures of trying to navigate your way through high school. “First day of freshman year / In this strange new atmosphere / Almost cried all my mascara off / Two steps in and I’m already lost.” The climax of the song is reached during the second bridge of the song as Molly Baker sheds light on how quickly time flies by and one day you will look back at all the wonderful memories you made and wish that you could go back. “The growing pains of growing up fast / Can’t check for answers in the back / These years will be iconic / To be honest I know I’ll miss having.” In short, this track is sure to leave listeners feeling nostalgic all over again. 

Molly Baker is based in Los Angeles, California and she has been making music since 2021. Molly Baker’s music can be heard on Spotify and YouTube.



Written by Brittany Jennings 





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