“Back To You” by Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly has released his fresh track “Back To You” and it gives off great vibes and we can’t help but to need more of this neo-soul style from the artist. In just 3:13 Kelly has given listeners a swift set of beats that are addictive and catchy.

Ben describes this song as “[his] favorite [song] I’ve put out so far. It’s a song about a toxic relationship that you just can’t quit, even if you hate it.” And with this narrative, “Back To You” is a highly relatable track that catches our attention and has a grip on us.

For R&B lovers and those alike this is a perfectly fitting track that has sharp synths and easy-going instruments, and Kelly puts his own unique spin on it. Ben addresses some destruction in the relationship and this causes us to look at our own connections and question others intentions, as well as our own.

I keep crawling back to you/ even if I don’t want to/ no one knows me like you do.” BK is honest here and tackles several situations in a few lines, and listeners love the accountability that he presents.

“I can’t hear what you’re saying/ they might call it toxic/ it’s true you make me sick- but we still just can’t quit.” Kelly is sure that this relationship is headed in a downward spiral, but it’s hard to break free. Ben helps listeners identify not only what to look out for in relationships, but what to avoid.

Make sure you check out Ben and stay up to date with what he releases next.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “Alone in a dark place/ only light is your face.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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