“Strings” by Luke Frees

Fall into a universe of attachments with Luke Frees new single “Strings”. Luke has released a nostalgic-indie track that will live in our heads forever, as it’s catchy, hard hitting lyrics send goosebumps up and down our arms and pull on our heart strings.

Luke Frees is a name you should get used to hearing as this multi-talented artist is making his way around the music world, by not only staying consistent, but releasing a new track every single month. For Frees this very track was the one that started it all, and broke through his writer’s block.

Frees speaks on this track by saying that“Strings is about those first few moments of clarity you have when you stand up for yourself in an unhealthy relationship, and how uplifting it can feel to take control of your own life again.”

Although “Strings” is a melancholic song the soft drums hit at the perfect time and Luke puts so many of our emotions into this 3:54 track that we can’t help but to relate to every lyric.

“It was what you wanted/ not what I need/ are we together or not?/ I’m feeling stuck in between.” LF asks this question to his subject at the beginning of the track, and us listeners immediately understand the place that the relationship was in, as we often have asked questions similar to this.

We are excited to see what Luke releases next month as his music continues to grow with each new song.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “It hurts to feel like all I do is annoy you”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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