“how long will you wait?” by Aidan Cross

“how long will you wait?” by Aidan Cross blossoms from an anthemic chord progression, a unique and textural production style, and some poignant lyrics. Not to mention, the warmth and fullness of the vocal harmonies bring the whole thing to life. This culmination of musical and poetic aspects truly solidifies this track as effective, meticulous, and overall brilliant.

A crisp yet ethereal electric guitar leads us into a suspended riff. Twinkly synths creep in behind it, brightening the atmosphere and propelling us into the verse. “You missed a right late last night / Adjusting to the backseat view / I can’t just be friends with you,” Aidan croons with his deep, clear tone. We already get a sense that the lyrical content will provide a tinge of scorned-lover-style angst. We’re thrust into a cathartic, all-too-relatable territory. Throughout this verse, delicate, minor chord voicings and soft harmonies communicate a quiet sadness. As we approach the passionate explosion of the chorus, it’s easy to revel in the simplicity of this emotional gravity.

“How long will you wait? / Through presage of change?” the vocals pierce through the mix as the guitars take to strumming through driving patterns. The sound is much wider, allowing the chord values to soak up most of the space while the vocals emote above them. It’s a truly powerful chorus, bolstered by both delivery and songwriting. If you ever find yourself itching for a good rock ballad, “how long will you wait?” is a perfect choice. Plus, you might just find a new favorite artist in Aidan Cross.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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