“Noir (feat. CW Jones)” by Rory and the Reverie

“Noir (Feat. CW Jones)” by Rory and the Reverie gives the word “smooth” a whole new meaning. Its casual drum groove, sweet horn lines, poetic rap verse, and catchy vocal melodies engender such delight, it’s impossible not to crack a smile. Whether you’re a Neo-Soul aficionado or just a lover of all things music, you’ll eat this one up. Truly, Rory and the Reverie have produced something magical.

We’re met with a soft, muted piano riff, a pithy drum pattern, and some decadent bass countermelodies. As these three instruments play off one another, they form a coherent, infectious groove. This continues into the verse, which offers some lovely vocal phrasing atop well-timed synth swells. “No stress, it’s quite alright / I was moving the speed of light,” the singer croons conversationally. His tone is clear and hypnotizing. Little ornamental background vocals add a hint of interest to some phrases. The chorus reflects many of these attributes, but with a bit of heightened dynamic energy and a wider mix.

CW Jones’s verse begins after this chorus, and the sudden timbre change is delightful. The quickfire lyricism and rhythmic value give rise to a whole new atmosphere. Plus, CW Jones’s vocal idiosyncracies increase the organic, relatable nature of the track. The rest of the song follows a nice arc, eventually culminating in a sultry trumpet solo. If you’re in the market for a dreamy, spring R&B track, you couldn’t do better than “Noir.” The combined efforts of Rory and the Reverie and CW Jones make this song not only enjoyable but brilliant. There’s no denying both of these acts are going somewhere fast.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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