“Angles” by Wild Horse

“Angles” by Wild Horse is a guitar-driven indie rock song full of wonderful textural surprises. With an 80s Alternative atmosphere and a modern lyrical sense, it seamlessly combines nostalgia and originality to create something unique. Not to mention, the performance and songwriting themselves could stand alone against a lot of modern music. Wild Horse is clearly a group inundated with talent and effortless style.

It begins with an acrobatic acoustic guitar riff, soaring over gently strummed chords. Background vocals introduce a sweet falsetto timbre just before a hard stop: “Caught up in the moment / Every time we touch / Got me in a headspin / The way you hide what you feel.” The vocals croon as the band reemerges. This time, drums course through complicated, dynamically satisfying fills. The chorus arrives with the shake of a tambourine and a wash of warm vocal layers. It’s catchy. It’s full. It’s super satisfying.

The arc of the rest of the song ebbs and flows in all the right places. We even get a little string arrangement, a welcome addition to any good alternative song. The harmonies definitely thicken over time as well to heighten the energy and diversify the mix. As the final guitar lick chimes, we’re left with several memorable melodies, and an overall bittersweet, cathartic feeling. Wild Horse doubtlessly imbued this track with passion, and it shows via the visceral emotional effect it has. If you love acoustic rock, you’re in for a treat. “Angles” is a masterpiece of songwriting, production, and delivery.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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