“Breathless” by I Am Boleyn

Step into the future with I Am Boleyn’s new single “Breathless”. It’s captivating during the entirety of its 3:12 run and we can’t deny how it instantly turns us into a fan.

The first few notes are a perfect take on how music allures us and reminds us of the 80’s back when Cyndi Lauper stole our hearts, but now we have Boleyn putting a fresh spin on the sound and bringing us to a whole new universe.

I Am Boleyn has the ability to keep listeners engaged and she’s got a tight grip on us already. She contains an addictive voice and aura that we want more of and she’s a driving force because she is unapologetically herself.

Breathless” is a synth dream and there’s a build in the first 50 seconds that makes us “long for” dancing and unleashing our true selves. Boleyn transfixes us with much more than her voice, her charm and charismatic delivery is only part of what draws us in.

“So go on/ go on/ leave me breathless/ tempt me/ tease me/ until I can’t deny this/ loving feeling/ make me long for your kiss.”

We wait as patiently as we can for her upcoming album, set to be released this year entitled “Lost in Space”, (which is perfectly fitting toward her aesthetic.)

Make sure you go see I Am Boleyn live if you’re in London at The Water Rats on June 22!

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “It’s like a dream/ although I’m asleep”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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