“Bop That Rhythm” by Sky Canyon

As a pianist, I’ve dabbled here and there in jazz, even to the point of being in my own quintet. I fell in love with jazz back when I started listening to Vince Guaraldi growing up during “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I still love it to this day, and when I started listening to Bop That Rhythm by Sky Canyon I legitimately could not stop. 

This song walks you through a whole experience. It feels like something right out of a cartoon where they’re waking up and getting ready in the morning, walking through a park, or through a bustling metropolis. It’s atmospheric. That’s exactly what I LOVE about jazz music. It’s such a wonderfully infectious beat, dear listeners, that I’m listening to the song AS I write the review. If you can believe it, I might be tapping this review out in rhythm with the music. 

Sky Canyon has been playing music for over 50 years now, so it’s no wonder why he’s so good at getting those rhythms just right. You can definitely tell he’s put his time into the art form. The subtleties in the chord progressions work so well, the solos are all fantastic, and I didn’t find myself distracted from the song at any given time. He moves so naturally through the music it’s divine.

Every solo is so well-earned in this arrangement. The vibraphone serves the tune as the foil of the piano, and props to the bassist, I have played upright bass before and I know how long you have to stand there sometimes. Around about four minutes into the song the drummer starts laying down some insane solos and I can’t even. The piano solos are great, we get a great rhythm out of the drums and the bass, and the vibraphone really pulls everything together. Truly a harmonious sound. All four of you were fantastic.

I love this track. This song is so catchy, I’ve listened to it multiple times already and plan to add this song to my usual rotation. Definitely worth the listen, follow, and subscribe. Give it a listen and follow Sky Canyon on Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, or anywhere you can listen because I could not praise this song enough.

Written by Adrian Carter





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