“Someone Else” by Joe Bygraves

“Someone Else” by Joe Bygraves is a veritably well-made track, but with the added conviction of his performance, it blossoms into a masterpiece. His voice is genuinely so powerful, you’ll be smitten in just one listen. It’s always impressive to encounter an artist who can convince an audience to become fans with just one song. This track is just that stylistically and musically solid.

The intro comes in full-throttle. Drums, electric guitar, bass, and even vocals burst forward with a gratifying loudness. The punchy snare sound combined with Joe’s insanely rich, fierce belting sets the scene for an anthemic tune. “You’re cutting it close / You’re cutting in fine,” the lyrics pour in. The instruments take to providing a soft, gentle chord structure to juxtapose the driving atmosphere of the intro. Here, we get the pleasure of experiencing Joe’s more relaxed vocal timbre. It’s smooth, clear, and straightforward. Before long though, we arrive at the chorus. The motifs become more repetitive and the angsty, explosive instrumental ambiance returns. Everything about it is climactic, down to the subtle vocal doubles and the distorted, buried guitar work.

Fast-forward to the latter half of the song, a dreamy instrumental breakdown propels us into one last chorus. Joe really reaches into his higher register for a few tasteful melody changes, then leaves us with one last, sentimental strum. To say this song was brilliant would be an understatement. The message, the style, and the musicianship all reflect such natural talent. If you love emotionally gratifying pop-rock, you’ll be obsessed.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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