“Wait It Out” by Anchen Ji

Anchen Ji has released “Wait It Out” and listeners have quickly gravitated towards the positive vibrations that A.J let’s out. This easy listening track has cheery instrumentals and a care-free sound, but there is more to the track that meets the eye (or ear).

“Wait It Out” is described as being about a boy that she used to love and “they met some obstacles [there] was such a long distance and age difference, he wants to leave [and] she wants to wait it out”. All in all, “real love will overcome obstacles.”

The instruments used behind Anchen’s voice are powerful and do well to not drown out her tone. Her soft and smooth melodies are greatly timed and contain a graceful sound. A.J has a pure sound that stands out prominently.

Listeners cannot deny her talent and her rhythmic mood. It’s easy to comprehend that her feelings, passions and emotions are real through her lyrics as they become stories that she expresses in her music and that makes her a true artist.

This 2:38 is perfectly to the point, as so many of us can relate to the lyrics. “I know you feel like looking the other way (slipping away)/ I understand that some things need time to change (time to change)/ would you wait it out/ and leave those doubts-”

Anchen is a shining star on this track and we look forward to hearing what’s coming up next for the artist.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “It’s okay/ were lost right now”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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