“Bedroom Noise” by Ryan Palma

From the first few notes, we fall in love with Ryan Palma’s “Bedroom Noise”, and it’s pure and full of life. This track screams innocence and contains relaxing tones and shifts that are dreamy and calming, and we can’t get enough.

The cover art for “Bedroom Noise” feels like a first love and it’s truly addictive. We wish this track was much longer than 3:30 and it plays like a mid 2000’s movie that we are dying to see. Ryan sings effortlessly on this track and it’s got a natural ease, proving his vocal capabilities.

Even the lyric visuals provided are calming and well fitting towards the track. It’s filled with beautiful effects and couples that show that they are in love and shows their deep affections for one another.

Ryan mesmerizes us with his ambient sound and “Bedroom Noise” proves that he is talented in many ways by owning his voice and making his own lane on the multi-genre track.

This is just the track we need to make us feel like falling in love, and becoming transfixed by that one person that makes our heart sing.

“I remember pouring coffee in your cup/ yeah, you loved it/ I got you a leather bicycle seat for your birthday/ I miss you coming back home to me on my birthday/ can we pick up again where we left off?”

Make sure you check out Ryan’s socials to see what he’s up to next.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I never loved someone so bad/ but I keep dreaming about you”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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