“Neon Soul” by 6ixth Element

6ixth Element is back with “Neon Soul” and it’s a fresh, eye-opening track that trills and electrifies. This track embodies a lot of the difficulties that people face everyday, including mental health and life’s purpose.

“Neon Soul” contains many blended instruments that form under the sounds of hip hop, rap, soul, and neo soul, and with the help of producer Mark Goble, the track takes on a whole new shift. 6ixth Element does the track justice by bringing a throwback kind of flavor on the track that causes it to be a natural classic.

 We can’t help but notice that “Neon Soul” contains many freeing messages that are thought-provoking and 6ixth Element accomplishes this without using degrading language or obscene references.

“Neon Soul” carries lyrics that are uplifting and remind us of a late ‘90s track that gets better with every listen. “She shines bright/ you’re bound to see her name in the neon lights/ but all she really wants is peace in her mind/ she ain’t the energy to search for the meaning of life.”

This track is not just positive, but it can be seen as an uplifting affirmation filled anthem as well. “Neon Soul” reminds people of the light they already have inside.

Make sure you follow 6ixth Element to see what new creative tracks he’s putting together next.  We’ve heard that the multi-talented artist has “monthly singles lined up and waiting to be released along with an album expected late 2023.”

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “It’s hard enough trying to escape depression and to wake up everyday to have to face the pressure”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo credit: 6ixth Element







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