“Filthy” by Nicholas Dante

Nicholas Dante is here with “Filthy” and it’s a dark euphoric pop hit that you don’t want to miss! This track is perfect for those who want something different, fun and exciting to dance to.

Dante does an excellent job not holding himself back here, as this is more of the kind of music we need! “Filthy” turns you up and spins you around as you listen and it’s nothing short of a thrilling ride.

ND himself describes the track as ”[taking] the listener behind the curtain to reveal what mischievous things could go on in the dark.” And we couldn’t agree more as there is much to unpack here.

Our favorite part of the 2:46 track is the change around :50 that takes place, it gets darker and even more fun! ND asks “Do you want to get naughty?” and we can’t help but to be curious about what this could include.

“Do you want to get filthy/ do you want to play with me/ do you wanna feel naughty/ baby let me know/ I’m a freak of the afterparty/ turning you nice to naughty/ bow to my body, body/ come play with fire.”

Make sure you follow Nicholas Dante (links below) to see what he’s up to next, as we are sure it will continue to take us on a ride! Also make sure you follow his Tiktok, he has great energy!

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I’ll show you just who I am/ I’ll let you take off my mask/ but I still wear the crown.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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