“The Wake” by Gianfranco Pescetti

Electronic artist Gianfranco Pescetti’s captivating, spine-chilling new single, “The Wake,” takes the listener on an idyllic journey. The euphoric instrumental builds intensity, bringing the listener along for the whimsical ride. Although “The Wake” is solely instrumental, it has a profound message, with the elated instrumental encapsulating the melancholy feeling “The Wake” wants to encase. With a name such as “The Wake,” the song is both grim yet hopeful; the message behind being about new beginnings, whether with life or death. 

“The Wake” explores the taboo themes of past, death, and new beginnings, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic—the instrumental changes throughout signify both are moving forward and mourning those left behind. The minor keys bring sadness to the track, and then as the instrumental intensifies, a feeling of ambition and progress is highlighted.

It is truly remarkable how Pescetti could captivate such intense emotions without the use of vocals or lyrics. Music is the universal language, and “The Wake” captures this flawlessly. Without knowing what the song is about, one can feel the rather gloomy nature of the track right away. The daydream-esque instrumental makes the listener feel blissful and exhilarated with emotion. 

Take a listen to Gianfranco Pescatti’s “The Wake,” out now on all major music streaming platforms. You can find all of Pescatti’s music on these platforms as well.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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