“Bed” by Stacy Henle

Have a cozy, warm start to your day with Stacy Henle’s debut single “Bed” from her upcoming debut album Sundry Love Songs available now. The Oregon-based singer has had music by her side her whole life, from playing flute and alto sax in high school to studying music theory in college. Henle found her love of guitar through attending Sisters Folk Festival Songwriting Camp and being inspired by the other songwriters. She has collaborated with musical producer Clara Baker and local singer-songwriter Lori Stephens. Stephens is a member of Henle’s duo “The Cider Girls” and provided harmonies for the single.

“Bed” is as soft and comfortable as the blankets it was inspired by. Henle plays guitar and glockenspiel on the track, and the unique instruments keep the song playful and interesting. Henle shared that recorded the memorable bell melody took three different attempts so that it could encompass the feeling.

The visuals of “soft, fluffy pillows” and “lambs” add to the world of peace and the contrast of the busy world outside, is a relatable way to show the struggle of starting the day. A fun fact about the album art is Henle bought the lamb and carried it everywhere in case there was an opportunity to perform the song. Her creative lyricism shows she is one to watch in the folk songwriter space. She is able to take snapshots of ordinary things and turn them into thoughtful works of art.

When talking about the song’s meaning, Henle shared, “The song “Bed” is about the the cozy, warm morning experience of being in bed, while acknowledging the struggle and longing to remain in bed during the process of starting ones’ day. “

Be sure to go listen to “Bed” and her debut album Sundry Love Songs!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by SBH Studios





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