“Nostalgia” by Blair West

Singer-songwriter Blair West’s simple yet euphoric new track “Nostalgia” perfectly encapsulates the over-powering feeling of nostalgia. The almost child-like tune, West’s calming voice, and the emotional instrumental, “Nostalgia,” brings the unexplainable feeling that we all experience to the forefront. There truly isn’t a more intense emotion than longing for the past, and West does a beautiful job creating this sensation within her music.

“Nostalgia” is Blair West’s third song, yet her distinct sound is already cemented. Her vocals are hushed, somewhat echoed, possibly highlighting the distance between the past and now. This exploration of past, present, and future is something that we all sit and think about at times, even if we don’t tell anyone. 

“Nostalgia” was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, as West sat in her room longing for the pre-pandemic world. This is something we may never get back. Yes, we’re back to being able to go to concerts, restaurants, travel, etc., but the simplicity of before the pandemic is long gone. The undeniable trauma heightened anxiety and the loss of those we will not be able to return. This yearning and aching feeling of missing the past but knowing we can only go forward is a tough pill to swallow, and Blair West flawlessly executes this overwhelming feeling. 

“Nostalgia” is out now on all major music streaming platforms. Check out Blair West’s previous singles, ‘All this to Say’ and “Rabbit Holes,” which are more acoustic. Keep looking for West’s upcoming music; this is just the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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