“Ghost Song” by Mooncult

Mooncult is back after their 2020 album titled “Swallow Me Whole” with their first single in three years “Ghost Song”. Fans have missed the band, as they contain a pure authentic garage-band sound that we can’t get enough of.

The four piece band may have been taking a break, but with this release, you wouldn’t be able to tell as their sound comes naturally. Mooncult is confident in their riffs and guitar solos that round listeners in and enchant us, as the moon does.

This new-age alternative rock sound is intriguing and unique, and in just 4:05 we become entranced by the foursome and they take us on a wildly unexpected ride.

This track presents many psychedelic feelings and provokes thoughts of just how far the band can go and where they are headed next.

Mooncult’s members contain vocals, guitar, and bass from Raven, Phil on guitar, Mark on bass, synth, and guitar, as well as Chris rocking on the drums. Around 1:40, we really feel as though we are spinning and diving into a new realm, and we love every moment.

“Ghost Song” is full of whispers and secrets and this is definitely a band that we need to hear more from. We are so excited to hear what Mooncult has in store next, as with every release they perfect their craft, could it be magic? Make sure you follow Mooncult on all of their socials to find out.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “We couldn’t choose! We love the entire song!

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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