“The Sea” by Dom Malin

“The Sea” by Dom Malin is a folksy, bittersweet reflection on life’s unexpected, often tumultuous nature. With its inviting chord structure and organic vocal performance, this song tugs at your heartstrings in a way only a good acoustic ballad can. Plus, Dom Malin infuses it with his own uniquely poetic language and raspy timbre. You’ll be adding it to your summer playlist in no time.

A chorused acoustic guitar and a reverb-drenched electric riff form the intro. Other textures slowly pile in, giving us a sneak peek at the eventual dynamic growth of the song. It all dissolves again for the entrance of the verse: “Don’t hold it in, don’t hold it back, we can’t gain from that / Don’t bite your lip, don’t bite your tongue, this is where we’re at.” A quick, syllabic melody drapes itself over the soft instrumentation. Two chords set us on a course to the chorus, which, upon its arrival, explodes in harmony. This accumulation of background vocals breathes so much life into the already poignant melody. A heart-wrenching story of pain and reminiscing unfolds, culminating in a nice, moody tagline. Before long, we’re knee-deep in another verse.

Stay tuned to watch the song blossom into something anthemic—the electric guitars start taking center stage and the vocal delivery gets a bit more urgent. If your weakness is sentimental singer-songwriter-style music, Dom Malin is about to be your new favorite. Be sure to give him a follow, a like, and a stream!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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