“The One” by FLORIO is one of those pop songs that is not only catchy and well-produced but is imbued with the unique, idiosyncratic essence of the performer himself. FLORIO’s vocals are incredibly recognizable. The brightness of his tone ornaments this song with crisp, vibrant musicality. As the twinkly synths and dynamic drum sounds form an infectious foundation, the melodies float anthemically on top. If you’re in the market for a new addition to your summer playlist, this one will doubtlessly do the trick.

Some lovely, textural percussion underpins the first lyric: “God damn, I just want to hear you say / Two words, that you’ve got yourself to blame.” As the buzzing synth chords roll by, we absorb the budding message, brimming with disillusionment and resentment. Even so, the musical content remains upbeat. The verse heavily features the aforementioned bright, distinctive vocal timbre.

Suddenly, we plunge into the chorus. “Yeah, you could’ve been the one,” FLORIO cries, tumbling down a smooth run. Bass, echoing background vocals, and dreamy chords soar through into the mix. With this dynamic swell, this section lives up to the previous, anticipatory build. It’s catchy. It’s memorable. It’s undeniably well-crafted.

Stay tuned for a broken-down bridge and a gratifying ending. You can just tell FLORIO put his heart and soul into this track. It’s a masterpiece in pretty much every regard. So, be sure to give him a follow and a listen (or download, for that matter) on your choice of social media platform or streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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