“Seven In The Morning” by Birds Are Better

“Seven In The Morning” by Birds Are Better is a beautiful amalgamation of textures built upon a foundation of brilliant songwriting. As the singer’s breathy, intimate tone shapes the melody, acoustic guitar, ethereal keyboard sounds, and accordion breathe life into the chords underneath. If you find yourself partial to the indie folk genre, this song will undoubtedly delight you. Birds Are Better so authentically embodies its sweet, poignant atmosphere.

It begins with a rather electronic intro. A kick drum and some watery synths create a sparse soundscape, soon joined by the hum of an accordion. “I’ll be there to pick you up at seven in the morning / Don’t be late, I’ll sense you when you come,” the vocalist croons. Finger-picked acoustic guitar arrives alongside the vocal, creating this wonderfully effective melodic tension. The words have an air of mystery but certainly evoke an image and a distinct feeling. Paired with the singer’s idiosyncratic, authentic timbre, they’re just steeped in layers of meaning.

As the song continues, we have the pleasure of experiencing many new elements including but not limited to tight harmonies, a delightful lyrical twist, and an instrumental filled with what sounds like a tremolo-picked instrument shrouded in reverb, chorus, and echo. Overall, Birds Are Better delivers something totally and undeniably unique. This song is the epitome of cohesive, gorgeous, effective, music-making. So, be sure to give this talented artist a follow and a stream! You’ll be glad you got to know their dreamy, breathtaking sound.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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