“Heart Attack” by Salt Ashes

An artist the world will soon be familiar with, Salt Ashes, who released her infectious new single “Heart Attack.” The song follows the instant success of her previous singles “Didn’t See It Coming” and “Body Says.” In her career so far, she has already gotten a Top 5 position on the Music Weekly Pop Charts and had a single highlighted by Elton John on “Elton John’s Radio Hour.” She has worked with Grammy Nominated record producer Dimitri Tikovoi, who has notably worked with Blondie, Charli XCX, and more.

“Heart Attack” blends the contrast of Salt Ashes smooth, soft vocals with big bass and electronic rhythms. It is clear she has found her sound and is not stopping until she is the queen of the genre. Salt Ashes exudes confidence and demands your attention. She takes inspiration Bjork and Depeche Mode, but there is also a hint of Dua Lipa. She has a sound that is creative and distinct and the ability to appeal to the masses.

The song itself talks about falling in love and the cat and mouse game that leads Salt Ashes to a heart attack. She feels jealous seeing the person with someone else, describing herself as “hungry for your blood, give me what I want.” The chorus is also a highlight, the choppy rhythm that builds to the catchy post chorus is fun and club worthy.

The song perfectly matches the single, while singing about love, Salt Ashes uses images of hunger, blood, heart attacks. All things that follow her dark pop power and yet she is still vulnerable when she mentions feeling anxiety and doubts.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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