“Passenger Princess” by Alfie James

“Passenger Princess” by Alfie James is an alternative R&B/rap track brimming with syllabically gratifying and rhythmic lyricism, clean instrumentation, and overall delightful themes. As the idiosyncratic synth and neo-soul-esque guitar weave in and out of each other, Alfie James shows us the natural decadence and ability of his voice. Every little texture in this track adds up to something indulgently good.

A singular synth pulses to the tempo, soon joined by the visceral groove of bass and drums. Guitar slowly fades in, adding a lightness to the mix, and before the vocals even come in, the beat is built from the ground up. The first words we hear are the hook, spoken with confidence and tonal integrity. It’s funny how something can be so catchy without a melody, but Alfie James really makes this section work for him.

The verses are a bit wordier (delightfully so) and seek to describe a lover in a specific, clever manner. The placement of rhymes and consonants makes each phrase just as satisfying as it is charming (i.e. “Surfing under covers / You’re my undercover lover” or “I freestyle ’til I’m old and senile”). Altogether, the combination of quick-fire lyricism and infectious, repetitive choruses makes this song a dynamic masterpiece.

Be sure to give Alfie James a follow and a stream on your choice of social media platform or streaming service! You’ll be smitten by his linguistic talent and natural musical sense. Plus, you might just get a new favorite song out of it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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