“Cowgirl, Blue” by Stella Webb

Singer-songwriter Stella Webb’s heartfelt, compelling new EP “Cowgirl, Blue” is a blast from the past. Today, a beautiful voice and a subtle instrumental aren’t always enough, but Webb’s unique vocals and catchy tunes make for a near-flawless modern yet also nostalgic EP.

The first track on “Cowgirl, Blue” is the ultra-captivating “Earthquake Season.” Webb’s lyrical talent shines through upon first listen. The first lyric in the track is, “You were a child when you left me,” possibly referring to a parent or someone significant in a child’s developmental years. Jangly guitars and a simple but captivating drum beat accompany Webb’s angelic-like voice. 

Following “Earthquake Season” is “Cotton Candy Sky,” which has a much more acoustic vibe. Simple and articulate, “Cotton Candy Sky” is a track that has a theme that everyone can relate to: heartbreak. Discussing memories, and the undeniable pain of missing someone, Webb’s lyrics are so compelling that one can close their eyes and feel her emotions shine through right away. “Cotton Candy Sky,” tells the story of love and loss. Although the song is a bit melancholy, the upbeat instrumental makes the track more enjoyable for all those listening.

“Crows in Koreatown,” the next song, begins with Webb’s vocals, somewhat echoing. The guitar is much more prominent in this track than in the previous ones, but Webb’s vocals are always at the forefront, which is truly special. Her voice and lyrics are never on the backhand; they are the gift that Webb truly gives. “Crows in Koreatown” has lyrics that discuss what many young adults go through: insecurity, loneliness, and watching the world around us move as we feel a bit stuck.

The last track, “City of Angels,” is about Webb’s experience so far living in Los Angeles. The juxtaposition of the title and the lyrics are remarkable. Although Los Angeles is supposedly the city of “Angels,” it’s not. Of course, there are always amazing people wherever we go, but most of those in LA are not as they seem. The instrumental and Webb’s whisper-like vocals highlight the truth about LA; amongst us are fake people, and they are not what they appear to be. 

“Cowgirl, Blue” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Take a listen today!

Written by Melissa Cusano




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