“Scars” by Lyra Star

Lyra Star is here with “Scars” and it’s one to remember. Fall in deep with Lyra and allow your heart to break into pieces, this track is well worth each and every listen.

Scars” is emotional and heart wrenching and we need to hear more music like this, as we go through trials and tribulations it’s nice to know that there is an artist who isn’t afraid to be honest and open up in ways that we haven’t heard before.

LS is known as an “ethereal contortionist” and has now found another side of herself, by expressing her music using her angelic voice.

While we dive in and find out a little more about this track, we discover that “[Lyra wrote this single] during the bleak, apocalyptic 2020 pandemic.” This track makes its debut now in April 2023 and “reminds us that we do not have to bask in the darkness, but have the capability to find and create beauty in even the most dire circumstances.”

Besides the track having somewhat of a different meaning when it was written, sometime after “Lyra Star had an intense medical scare; a melanoma was found on her skin, and although it was caught early and removed, it left a massive three inch scar on her back and forced her to stop contortion temporarily.”

While this is something personal and exclusive, Lyra has extended her message to her listeners with “Scars”, by letting us all know that, no matter what kind of scars we have, we are all strong individuals and we still grow and thrive, no matter what we look like.

Lyra Star is set to release her EP this summer and we will wait patiently to find out what’s in store.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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