“Music and Heart” by Marika Christine

Get honest and vulnerable with Marika Christine on her new single “Music and Heart”, out now. This multi-talented instrumentalist has a pure voice of gold as she sends her love to San Francisco through this song.

Marika expresses her affirmation for the city with majorly wavy vocals that sync perfectly with the drums, guitar and bass attached. We can’t help but imagine ourselves in SanFran, walking the streets and getting by. 

The visuals for “Music and Heart” contain Christine’s view of the city and allows her to express her “love hate relationship” with San Francisco. The video contains shots of the sidewalks, stores, parks, people and homes. The artist sings “All the houses I could never afford/ still bring me comfort/ ‘cause they’ve been around/ for so long.”

While finding out more about the track we discover “The beauty of this song lies in the universal story of struggling to make ends meet as an artist in a big city. -Music and Heart is a reminder of what makes the struggle worth it for a young artist.”

“It’s hard to be young in San Francisco.”

Music and Heart” has a freeing feeling and a classic aesthetic that fits many moods and transitions for all the stages in life, and we can’t wait to hear more from Marika.

Make sure you follow Marika on all of her socials (below), and pre-order her new album “Soft Like An Apricot”, due May 26th. Pre-order date is May 5th, don’t miss it!

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “Been asleep all year/ stayed inside and hibernated with my fears.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo credit: Lilly Blasklee





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