“the other place” by e!ena

“the other place” by e!ena is a jazzy, Amy-Winehouse-esque track full of idiosyncratic vocals and unexpectedly delightful instrumentation. As you sink into the deep, satisfying rhythmic pocket of this song, you’re transported to a pleasantly retro place. Truly, e!ena shows us how to own a minor melody and how to craft a sultry set of lyrics.

A piano and an acoustic guitar thumb through a mischievous progression. “Skipping stones / Kicking rocks / My minds and fire / And you’re waiting on the docks,” the vocals pour out in this soulful, acrobatic manner. The warmth of e!ena’s voice is not only welcoming but an indicator of innate musicianship. Percussion piles in not too long afterward, ranging from bongos to cymbals and adding a lot of interest. By the time the full drum groove sets in, we’ve arrived at the chorus. The melody rockets to a higher register and takes on this delectable catchiness. With this newfound vocal urgency, the message oozes angst but dissolves back into the coyness of the verse with a saxophone lick.

Stay tuned for a clever, seamless key change and a lot more saxophone. Plus, the instrumental break brings us a vibrant acoustic guitar solo. With a splash of vocal ad-libs and a bit of white noise, the song ends abruptly, leaving the listener simultaneously gratified and hungry for more. If you like jazz-inspired singer-songwriter-style music, “the other place” is definitely for you. So give e!ena a follow and a listen on your choice of social media platform or streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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