“Red-tailed River” by La Palma

La Palma, the indie-folk/rock duo based out of San Francisco and Washington D.C, has a new dreamy EP, “Red-tailed River.” The tranquil instrumental of each track and the effortlessly smooth transitions between songs make La Palma a band to be on the lookout for.

The musical duo consisting of Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon showcase their impeccable talent in their new EP; from the meaningful lyrics to the upbeat yet calming instrumentals makes for an undeniably enjoyable experience for all those listening. 

The first track on “Red-tailed River” sung by Chris Walker, is “Hawks in the Sky,” an optimistic song that will have you smiling ear to ear. The inspiration  behind “Hawks in the Sky” comes from a memory that Walker has of watching birds outside his San Francisco home. Jangly guitars, a mesmerizing keyboard, and an almost wind-like sound showcase the cozy vibe of being in one’s home, doing something as peaceful as bird watching. Walker’s cheerful vocals tie the whole track together, creating a calming aurora for those listening. Fans of old-school folk music will love Walker’s unique voice and upbeat atmosphere of the track. 

Following “Hawks in the Sky” is “Rock Creek,” which is Tim Gibbon’s time to shine. The song is inspired by the solace and peace from the river behind his Washington, DC, home. Not only is the track itself remarkable, but the way it seamlessly transitions from “Hawks in the Sky” makes for the overall soothing atmosphere of the EP. “Rock Creek” slowly begins with the sound of rain and a much deeper and almost eerie instrumental than “Hawks in the Sky.” Unlike Walker’s cheerful vocals, Gibbon’s is much darker but just as mesmerizing. This song showcases the genre-fusing duo, as the indie-folk vibe of the last song gracefully transitions into more of a dream pop song. 

The final song, “Feather Sticks,” returns to its indie-folk ties with an infectious instrumental. Although there are no lyrics, it is the perfect conclusion to “Red-tail River,” leaving off a happy, upbeat vibe.

“Red-tail River’ is out now on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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