“Hunting Games” by Amelie Blake

“Hunting Games” by Amelie Blake is a track rife with delectable chord choices and texturally gratifying harmonies. With the sultry, suggestive lyricism and Amelie’s smooth vocal quality, there are a lot of themes, both musical and literal, to grasp onto. It’s about as layered and soulful as an alternative pop song can be. So, let’s delve into what makes this song so great.

“We’ve been playing hunting games / He’s got me, oh oh,” Amelie croons over a lone kick drum. Harmonies spill onto the lead line with this casual, tight dreaminess. Drums still remain the only instrumentation until the pre-chorus hits. A reverb-drenched electric guitar rakes through a chord progression as the melody fills with octaves and doubles. Still, the atmosphere is anticipatory and sparse.

“I don’t want him but it’s more than hunting games,” the words pour out over a vibrant cluster of bluesy harmonies. The chords flip from diatonic to devilishly off-kilter, giving the mood this clever, sybaritic feel. The chorus is where this song really grows into its originality, playing with the concepts of pop, soul, blues, and jazz through its use of chordal harmony.

Stay tuned for a tender, broken-down bridge, and a climactic ending. If you’re always hungry for a fresh pop sound, you couldn’t do better than “Hunting Games.” Amelie Blake infuses this track with every ounce of passion and musical intuition she’s got. So, give her a follow and a stream on your choice of streaming service or social media platform.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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